Data Capture

Speed the billing process with MMS data capture

MMS has developed a fully integrated solution with Image Trend's pre-hospital field-data collection and reporting software to create seamless and accurate billing data.

The EMS State Bridge & EMS Service Bridge are comprehensive, centralized, EMS run data management systems used to accumulate and analyze data from multiple sources. By using these applications, you are able to satisfy reporting requirements easily, provide billing data to speed the billing process, and improve operations without major investment or complex new technology. MMS will work directly with Image Trend on your behalf to help absorb implementation costs of both the State Bridge and Service Bridge.

ImageTrend EMS State Bridge is a comprehensive pre-hospital emergency data collection, analysis and reporting system. The EMS State Bridge integrates information across the entire emergency medical community, whether in the ambulance, the local station, or county or state offices. With the EMS State Bridge, ambulance services are able to satisfy reporting requirements easily using the newest pen-based tablet PCs. The ability of EMS agencies to respond to new data privacy laws and emergency technology reform is critical.

ImageTrend EMS Field Bridge is a pre-hospital patient care data collection and reporting application. Designed for speed and accuracy, EMS Field Bridge assists medics in quickly generating complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in the field. From rapid, pen-based data entry to streamlined, one-click billing and electronic submission, EMS Field Bridge integrates critical information across the entire emergency community. With the EMS Field Bridge, ambulance services are able to collect data electronically in the field without major investment or complex new technology.

EMS Field Bridge Benefits:

  • reduce paperwork, hassle, and expense by electronically gathering and storing incident data
  • efficiently manage emergency medical data
  • user-configurable run forms
  • facilitate your management and business decisions through simple, user-friendly reporting and data-management capabilities
  • achieve more thorough and accurate patient records
  • develop enhanced emergency program analysis
  • improve quality assurance