Why MMS?

What you can expect from MMS...

  • better cash flow
  • increased profitability
  • higher realization rates
  • information at your fingertips
  • progressive IT capabilities
  • industry news and awareness
  • increased security and peace of mind

For over 25 years, MMS has provided superior services and technology.

MMS is a healthcare practice management, billing and information technology (IT) company focused on advancing the performance of healthcare providers. For over 25 years we have provided services and solutions to maximize revenues, control costs, and reduce compliance risks. Through efficient billing and practice management and IT solutions, we have been helping clients succeed in today's complicated healthcare industry.

Stronger, smarter billing and IT solutions
Our goal is to empower clients to improve clinical outcomes, operational results, and financial success. Our expertise in practice management and IT technology helps healthcare providers bridge the gap between technology and profitability. A unique combination of web-based billing, practice management, EMR, unrivaled payer knowledge, and comprehensive business services allows our clients to utilize the tools they need for success.

Our business philosophy is based on value: state-of-the-art technology, the most well-trained employees, and competitive rates, combined with exceptional services and customer care. Our attention to detail and dedication to servicing our clients are at the core of our business philosophy. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients and their patients.

Work Smarter We understand you want to focus your energy on providing quality care, and we agree you have better things to do than chase down insurance companies for payment or manage the IT complexities of an office.
Benefits Clients benefit from increased cash flow generated by our faster turnaround time.
Revenue Cycle Management MMS dashboard reporting tracks your financial performance and identifies growth potential and strategies.
Affiliations Affiliated with CPAs and business consultants specializing in servicing the medical field, including accounting, financial planning, banking and loans, electronic medical records.
Careers Are you looking for a new challenge, a brighter outlook, and a place where you can continue to learn and grow? Look no further.