"I have been very pleased during our long relationship with Medical Management Systems. Delta Township could not have a better partner assisting us with timely reports, monthly ambulance and fire collections, and detailed annual financial reports of our department's activities. We have been extremely pleased with the client/business relationship we have enjoyed through the years. Our collection ratios have been extremely high, even during economic down-turns."

"MMS has provided outstanding service, and their dedicated staff of professional workers and administrators have kept us abreast of the on-going changes that impact us daily from the many insurance companies and federal programs that require constant oversight. Lastly, the technical support MMS staff provides to our department and the interfacing with our software vendor and the hospitals are critical and vital in maintaining the high collection levels Medical Management provides to us all".

— Vic Hilbert | Fire Chief, Delta Township

"MMS was able to help identify areas of weakness with our former billing agent and implemented straight-forward systems to effectively manage the growth of our practice. As a result, our practice continues to remain highly competitive in today's market, averaging 15% growth annually over the last five years.

Utilizing MMS services is like having a private team of specialists at your disposal who help analyze your business practices from the inside-out. For over five years, MMS continues to be our best advocate to navigate through the complexities of an ever-changing healthcare system. They have helped manage all facets of the billing process to help and allow our office staff to concentrate on individual patient needs.

MMS has helped us stay profitable with new technologies as well. Many of the systems we have in place today are due to the forward thinking of MMS administrators. We have also been able to review traditional services and improve their efficiencies."

I would highly recommend MMS to any medical practice looking for a solid partner in managing their office."

— Dr. Smiy | MD Family Practice

"As fire chief of Meridian Township EMS/Fire Department, I have found that Medical Management Systems has been a tremendous resource when dealing with the complex issues of medical billing for our EMS services. Their expansive knowledge of government and private insurance providers including their policies, procedures, and regulations helps us to capture the highest level of benefits allowed. In addition, Medical Management Systems' staff has proven themselves on numerous occasions to be timely and efficient in regards to our customers' concerns."

— Frederick B. Cowper | Fire Chief, Meridian Township Fire Department

"Medical Management Systems has been my Billing Service for over 15 years, and they have provided excellent service. My practice frequently involves the use of newer technologies, some without well-identified procedural and billing coding. MMS evaluated, researched, and made recommendations for legal and appropriate billing, maximizing my receipts. They maintain open-lines of communication with me and my office staff, such that I always have the ability to get my questions answered promptly."

"I highly recommend Medical Management Systems."

— Dr. Ferro | MD, Pain Management