Orthopedic Billing Services

Years of experience in orthopedic billing services is why MMS can increase your practice revenue. Our orthopedic clients have seen significant increases in revenue year after year. We accomplish this by understanding coding issues and by providing constant feedback to our providers and their staff.
Our clients’ main concerns is practice profitability and feedback. The secret to being successful at medical insurance billing is a proven processes and hard work. Our proven process and success comes for a well thought out process that address all aspects of billing, coding, credentialing, technology and then providing constant feedback so we all accomplish the same goal, practice profitability.
Our coders are well trained in:
• Orthopedic terminology, services and procedures,
• Billing systems, workflows, accounts receivable follow up and feedback
• Billing procedures, modifiers, correct coding

At Medical Management Systems of Michigan, Inc., we provide comprehensive billing, collections, and practice management services for orthopedic providers. Our proven process includes evaluation of your practice and accounts receivable. We provide a financial analysis and include a detailed start up process with our team of experts:
• Providing full account receivables management
• Checking system based eligibility
• Monitoring production with communication to providers
• Coding feedback based on carrier guidelines
• Performing system-based claims scrubbing
• Handling all billing calls
• Conducting regular quality assurance checks
• Holding weekly meetings to discuss progress and benchmarks
• Providing customizable monthly reports
Our certified coders have years of experience working with orthopedic practices and are equipped with the knowledge to handle coding and billing-related processes to ensure that you receive expected payments and reimbursements on time.
Our cardiology clients benefit with improved collections and revenue, full access and transparency of billing and payments, and a greater knowledge of the full financial impact of all services. We work side by side with your practice to provide the best medical billing and coding procedures possible.