Revenue Cycle Management

Put an End to Revenue Leaks In Your Revenue Cycle

With today’s multitude of obstacles and drains on a providers revenue, the revenue cycle workflow must constantly evolve to be successful. Most practices lose between 25 to 30 percent due to denied reimbursements and rising patient co-pays and deductibles. With MMS Revenue Cycle Management solutions you could realize gains of 15, 20, even 30 percent. That can add up to tens-of-thousands of dollars in added revenue. We can help you reach your maximum potential both operationally and financially.

Workflow Intelligence: The Fast Track to Revenue Recovery

MMS’s Revenue Cycle Workflow Intelligence has revolutionizing the way Providers collect reimbursements and run their practices. Every stage of the revenue cycle has potential for revenue loss… so MMS has combined 25 years of industry knowledge with technology to counteract and eliminate the causes of revenue loss. We’ve created workflow tools and strategies that not only increase revenue but also improve practice productivity.

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