Dashboard Reporting

We'll track every dollar to get you the payment you deserve.

MMS dashboard reporting tracks your financial performance and identifies growth potential and strategies.

A healthcare provider's revenue cycle is so complex that getting fully reimbursed for services is virtually impossible with traditional methods. In order to collect 100% of your contracted rate, you must implement a healthcare revenue cycle management solution that effectively manages the workflow, but also tracks and reports on its effectiveness.

MMS Reporting Track Practice Performance and Identify Growth Strategies

Information is the key to making great decisions. MMS provides clients with complete visibility and transparency into every detail of the revenue cycle through Dashboard reporting. Traditional analysis-reporting methods can be time consuming and difficult to read; as a result, many focus only on billing and collection reports. Yet, issues that negatively affect revenue can happen anywhere in the revenue cycle.

MMS provides analysis reports for each phase of the revenue cycle, from payer contracts through charge capture and collections. In addition, MMS automatically monitors your entire revenue cycle and provides immediate alerts to adverse changes, such as a decrease in cash collections, or increase in A/R days. Plus we provide a monthly analysis of your benchmarks and key performance indicators with your defined short and long-term financial goals. We will assist with data analysis to familiarize you and your staff with areas of concern and alert you to profit-generating opportunities.